Tiger (Panthera tigris)

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Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Beautiful-wildlife: Tiger by Robert Cinega It's probably one of the most beautiful animals in the nature.

Tigre siberiano.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

White Tiger ~ White tigers are Bengal tigers, and they are one of 4 different color variations: orange, white, cinnamon, and snow white.

Muktan, a two-year-old male, one of only 30 golden tabby Bengal tigers left in the world. Photograph: Barry Bland / Barcroft Media. °

In pictures: The four faces of the Bengal tiger

Muktan, a two year old male Bengal Tiger. One of only 30 golden tabby Bengal tigers left in the World.


Bengal tiger door mural (original source unknown) via wallpapermurals Majestic


A young male tiger cools off in India's Ranthambore National Park, where tigers now number less than 40 due to poaching - via Amazing Wildlife

A human and a full grown tiger hugging.

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Baby White Tiger (Back Light Down)

White Tiger Cub Wants To Play . OH I'm about try to play with hthis little cutie? I'm sure he is bigger than me,

tigers (look mom Im such a big boy, I can do this)

Tiger with Cub. The cub has almost the identical facial expression as the mother.


"Portrait of 19 month old male Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris).“ by Lonely Planet Images these are such beautiful creatures!