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Unless you're Barry from CW

*cough cough* Reverse flash,Rival,Savitar,Blackout, should I keep going? Barry from CW

Flight! by on @deviantART

Because How to train your dragon 2 was awesome! The other 3 dragons(and rider) here aren't from the movie and was made by my friends. Fans should know who those oth.

Whom Who've Been by on @DeviantArt

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That is just sad. I never thought about the fact that they do it in both movies! HTTYD 1 and 2

Consider both of these scenes in both of the HTTYD movies to be my favorites. The moment that Hiccup first gains his best friend, and when he gets him back (SPOILER)

"Get down and do push ups while I sit on your shoulders and smile at the camera" bahahahahaha

How to do sports with your dragon toothless: come on hicup you can do it one push up an't bad hiccup:*gasp weez* b-but it.