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Sándor Terjék
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London's Marylebone Village.

London's Marylebone neighborhood has some of the city's best vintage shopping spots. I love vintage shopping, especially while I'm traveling - if I find something special , it's like taking a piece of history home with me.

10 Surprising Things You Can See From Space - In recent years, the myth that we can clearly see the Great Wall of China from space has been largely busted. Although the wall is long, it’s not very wide and blends in too well with the surrounding environment. While that realization might be somewhat disappointing, there are still plenty of earthly things we can see from space, especially when in low Earth orbit—where satellites and the International Space Station (ISS) hang out.

A View From Space - The India-Pakistan border appears as an orange line in this photograph taken by the Expedition 28 crew on the International Space Station.

Torre Guinigi Lucca, #Italy by Paul Seligman

To visit: Torre Guinigi Lucca, Italy by Paul Seligman The Guinigi family grew the trees so that the tower would be higher than the cathedral spire. The rule was that family towers, (to indicate wealth), could not be higher than the cathedra spires.