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a large kitchen with lots of cabinets and appliances
Vet hospital pack prep
Large surgical instrument prep area with midmark autoclaves. Kitchen island. Passthrough cabinets.
an open refrigerator with plastic containers in it
My Favorite Veterinary Storage Solutions -
My Favorite Veterinary Storage Solutions | Veterinary Care Logistics LLC
a woman in a swimming pool with a dog
Elevating Canine Care with Advanced Aquatic Therapy Systems - Hudson
Hudson Aquatic’s freestanding fiberglass canine pools are designed in a variety of sizes with options like spa jets and resistant swim currents, to provide animals with a complete workout
a wooden calendar hanging on the wall
Hölzernes Zeichen der Familienfeier, Familien-Geburtstags-hölzernes Zeichen, Klassenzimmer-Ge...
an image of the anatomy of the human body
16. A. Ventral View of Dog Abdomen With Abdominal Wall Removed. B. View With Greater Omentum Removed
a small dog standing on top of a blue mat
Help Pets Recover with Physical Therapy (Pet Rehabilitation)
two children and their dogs playing in the playroom
Home - Vet In St Charles | Loyal Companions Animal Hospital Pet Resort
a pen sitting on top of a wooden table next to a paper with an information sheet
Veterinary Student Note Pack Stickers 4-Pack,Veterinarian Stickers,Vet Tech Stickers,Vet Student Stickers,Vet Med Stickers,Vet Sticker Pack
"Veterinary Notes Sticker 4-Pack You can never have your notes too handy! These \"notes\" style stickers are perfect for quick reference during school, clinics or emergencies. Place them on your clipboard, laptops, tablets, phone case, or clinic notebook for quick reference. This is for a 4-pack sticker set. Normal Reference Vitals x 1 Sticker Veterinary Fluid Therapy x 1 Sticker Small Animal Nutrition x 1 Sticker Morphological Diagnosis x 1 Sticker These sticker designs are printed on waterp
the diagram shows how to draw a dog's body and its features in different ways
A place to find hints, tips and ask questions. — I gave up trying to draw the paws!!