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Picture of Tribal tattoo arm shoulder 2014 design - Tattoo 4 Me with great pin of Picture of Tribal tattoo arm shoulder 2014 design

Number Sixteen - hair is the wrong color, and the guy is a bit bigger built than I imagined him to be, but he was sent in and if he doesn't win here, he will definitely be featuring in one of my other books - maybe Ace from Fighting Fangs

❁ Mixed Styles of Blackwork • Chest/Abdomen Tattoos  Tattoed by Dan DiMattia •

Belgian artist Dan Di Mattia is famous worldwide for his neo-tribal with many inspirations, from South America, Africa, India, South Pacific and Middle-Age.


JC Sibala, Model, Height 5 ft 8 inch, Weight 185 lbs, American with Filipino descent.

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texasleatherman: “ Absolutely in love with those pierced nipples!