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Apnoe Band Photoshoot

Apnoe Band Photoshoot

Lo + Gatto, 1932

Wanda Wulz (Italian, Io + gatto (Cat + I) 1932 Gelatin silver print. Wanda Wulz (Trieste, 25 July 1903 – Trieste, 16 April was an Italian experimental photographer. One great example of her works is the self-portrait merged with a portrait of a cat.

"Dali Atomicus." 1948.

Philippe Halsman: Dali Atomicus, 1948 Before modern, computerized techniques in image manipulation, Philippe Halsman shot this photograph of Salvador Dali suspended in mid-air. While today this image could easily be replicated in Photoshop, it wasn’t.

Emberábrázolás-portré (egyedi) első hely Mészáros Csaba (Szabadúszó) - Sajtot tessék

A nice girl and a nice cheese at the Tekeresvölgyi Artisan Dairy.

Little Boy, 6th August 1945.

Atomic Explosion - This photograph was recently found at the Honkawa Elementary school in Hiroshima city and shows the mushroom cloud from the atomic bomb that was dropped on the city in 1945 at the.

Mars, long time ago....

Blue, Not Red: Did Ancient Mars Look Like This? Is that Earth? That’s Mars… well, it might’ve been Mars a couple of billion years ago when it had a thick atmosphere and oceans (yes, oceans).