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a pencil and ruler sitting next to each other
Tutorial para Funda de Gafas "Clasica" con boquilla (completo, paso a paso)
an open purse sitting on top of a white table next to a floral wallpaper
Joyero con boquilla
a hand holding a small patchwork purse with a tag on it's handle
Bag Modish Quilt
the purse is made out of fabric and has many different patterns on it, including one with
Costura sem Segredos: Aprenda a Costurar do Zero
A possibilidade de criar peças únicas e personalizadas, seja roupas, acessórios ou itens de decoração, permite que você atenda a uma ampla gama de necessidades e preferências, aprenda a costurar agora mesmo com moldes práticos e fáceis de entender. Clique no link e saiba mais!
two purses sitting next to each other on top of a white table with plants in the background
a piece of fabric with flowers and bees on it next to some spools of thread
the instructions for how to sew a purse with polka dot fabric and silver hardware
Clasp Coin Purse Tutorial
DIY Notion Pouch : How to make a Folding Tray Pouch for Your Crafting Tools
From Pouch to Tray in Seconds! 🐳 Notion Pouch DIY
Inspiração do dia 🌺 @mimabele
Strandtasche SALSA
two hands are holding an origami heart with scissors in it and another hand is holding something else