Silver has long been used by medical professionals to treat illness. It wasn’t until the invention of antibiotics that silver became obsolete to mainstream medicine. The reason it was regarded as such good medicine before antibiotics is because silver’s toxicity is low enough that it doesn’t damage human cells under normal

Argento colloidale: proprietà e usi dell’antibiotico naturale (Ambiente Bio)

In today’s world, modern US cities compete in the race to become recycling rockstars. In addition to being a solution to problems associated with garbage build-up, a municipality’s ability to innovate recycling into an effective program for constituents is considered a status symbol that is displayed with pride.    Take San Francisco, for instance. The city

With years of experience and entirely trained squad, Rivas Rubbish Removal is no one disposal services provider. The main aim of their services is to do things in a hygienic way.

The recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have left many people scrambling to recover their livelihood. In Houston, Hurricane Harvey brought 130 mph winds slamming into the coastal city with over 50 inches of rain leaving it’s devastating mark on Texas history. Florida and the Caribbean received Irma,

HeiQ tackles the potential risk of mosquito borne diseases with its new textile technology HeiQ Bug Guard

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It’s estimated that of children suffer from pet allergies.

Hay fever is the fifth most common disease in the United States. This is the term most people use to describe allergies caused by seasonal plants and pollen.