Gabriella Solymos

Gabriella Solymos

Gabriella Solymos
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Yellow Umbrella. What is the design principle evident in this photograph? Color anamoly—the yellow. Keep it in your designer-bag-of-tricks. Prof. Zeller

I have a thing for the colour yellow and especially yellow umbrellas, so this image took my eye as soon as I was it. I like how its a huge pop of colour against the grey and cold scene around her

Annie Leibovitz  Uma Thurman 1996

Uma Thurman by famed Annie Leibovitz.if memory serves me immediately before or right after meeting her (former)lover, actor,Ethan Hawke.this glow could be due to early signs of pending motherhood.I should start an Uma Thurman board

Annie Lennox by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Lennox by Annie Leibovitz She brings to me great music. Shes always had her own style so yeah, a beautiful face