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The Best Hiking Routes From Around The World

You'll find some of the best hiking routes from around the world listed in this article. It's the perfect travel bucket list for the avid hiker.



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A week in Scotland is barely enough to scratch the surface, but see how many highlights you can fit with the classic itinerary for Scotland in one week.

One week in Scotland might be barely enough to scratch the surface, but let's see how many highlights you can see with this classic Scotland itinerary.

do your thing.

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Eastbourne - East Sussex - England

Beachy Head, Eastbourne - East Sussex - England //Manbo I miss that place so much❤ 😢

Dark Hedges in Ireland. This place looks so other worldly that it was actually a filming location for Game of Thrones.

Dark Hedges, Ireland - A fantasy-like avenue of beech trees, the Dark Hedges was planted in the century by the Stuart family to impress visitors upon the entrance of their home. The road is known to be haunted by the Grey Lady, who appears at dusk.

New Wonderful Photos: Sherwood Forest - Nottingham, England Looks just like a fairytale!

To live out my Robin Hood dream: Sherwood Forest, Nottingham, England

WALK THROUGH ENGLAND’S ASHDOWN FOREST England Britain’s most heart-warming walking path may be through southeast England’s Ashdown Forest, a public park that inspired the Hundred Acre Wood in AA Milne’s series of Winnie the Pooh children’s books.

Where to hike in California, Hong Kong, England, Costa Rica, and more.