Réka Szőllősi

Réka Szőllősi

Réka Szőllősi
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If I found a guy that was anywhere near how attractive Andy is.., I'd kidnap the SHIT out of  him..

If I found a guy that was anywhere near how attractive Andy is. He's absolute perfection and effortlessly sexy

Favorite band bvb

"The worlds a gun and I've been waiting all my life! Got something to live for, I know that I won't surrender a warrior of youth. I'm taking over, a shot to the new world order, I AM BULLETPROOF!" Black Veil Brides - I am Bulletproof lyrics

Yeah.. .But my bff is like me! XD and not all girls are like that. Still funny!

Read from the story Imágenes kulz de creepypastas© by -InsxneTriforce- (Holo♡) with reads.

Igazi férfi, szerelem, idezet, INSIDE OF love

Igazi férfi, szerelem, idezet, INSIDE OF love


when its appear that the things drop , actually this is the time when its set up.

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