Hey Dan B....for art supplies.

Savvy Home Tool Storage

DIY Tool organization: Cut PVC pipes into short pieces and mount on pegboard----need this for office color pencil paint brushes pens etc.

So very pretty!

I was going to do this in my bathroom but I love it for the craft room too! karlyn_j I was going to do this in my bathroom but I love it for the craft room too! I was going to do this in my bathroom but I love it for the craft room too!

pastels via a beautiful mess

Chalk pastels are one of my favourite art supplies. Sure, they're messy but that's the beauty of them! The different layers of colourful dust mixing across a box layered with vibrant sticks and shards of hue. There is a new palette each time yo .

So organized

Organization art stuff Do It Yourself Halloween Craft Ideas – 30 Pics DIY kid's room on kidsroom.

I keep all of my paints (and gel mediums)  in an industrial rolling cart – perfect for moving them around. Carts are tricky to find, but I generally find them at IKEA, or some kind of salvage/junk store

Kelly Rae Roberts Studio - How do you keep all your supplies organized? I’m a big fan of keeping my art supplies out where I can see them. I noticed I wasn't using them unless I could visually SEE them. I’m also a big fan of rolling carts…

Organizing art supplies

A DIY art caddy makes the perfect gift for kids! Just decorate a caddy with chalkboard paint or any other decor that you like and fill with their favorite supplies! It keeps art supplies organized and gives kids something to do!


Cabinet for Art Studio ~ Shabby Chic Inspired ~ Printers Drawer Cabinet ( 1891 )

Craft area storage.

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Storage Solutions CRAFT SUPPLY STORAGE Organizing is easy when you have a place for everything. Galvanized tins in various sizes coral pencils, brushes, and other craft supplies. Hang containers above your work surface for easy access


Soooo many of the apartments in the LA area are lined with walls of exposed brick. These rustic walls fill a room with character and enchantment. I’ve now narrowed my apartment searching to “exposed brick walls”…


Color pencil wall art - Awesome way to add decor and easy access to the pencils in a craft room :D


Teaching Art at Home: Problems, Set Up, and Art Supplies

Pencil Roll, Art Organizer Roll-Up, Art Deco

Pencil Roll Art Organizer RollUp Art Deco by TwiggyandOpal on Etsy,