Evanescent: August Moon by Stewart Edmondson

Stewart Edmondson~ British~ August Moon I like the moon light across the water and the paint speckles of black and white in the sky. I like the realism of the water and the depth created with the black in the water

Des Brophy

absolutely fantastic --- Des Brophy -- This will be me, Millie and some other free spirit one day, dancing it up in the rain, and the umbrellas will be there only for dance props. or maybe decades from now it'll be you and your girls.

Neapolitan Lighthouse - Ivan Aivazovsky

Neapolitan Lighthouse - Ivan Aivazovsky - Completion Date: 1842

The Collinton Road- Edinburgh by Iain Stewart Watercolor

The Colinton Road- Edinburgh by Iain Stewart Watercolor It was just another day, the rain stopped suddenly and the sun shone on the wet streets, in the street I saw possibilities, how I could embrace my reflection and escape into my shadows.

Impression, Soleil Levant - 32 x 35 Giclee on Canvas  by Ton Dubbeldam

Ton Dubbeldam was born in the small town of Schoonhoven, Holland in His father was a musician and his grandfather a painter. As a boy his passion.

Helen Cottle .

Helen Cottle, 1962 ~ Red umbrella

Denise Parker

Abstract Art A flight of the imagination.Michela Abstract Bird Painting, Contemporary Art, "Blue Heron Sunset" Artist Tim Parker - Gallery, Modern Art Original Paintings and Fine Art Prints

From The Saatchi Museum in London. Artist is : Allison Rathan

My obsessionbwith umbrellas and the rain saatchi Online Artist: Allison Rathan;