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Anastasia Kolegova and Evgeny Ivanchenko in ‘Swan lake’ at Mariinsky Theatre. Photos copyright Zhanna Chul

<<Anastasia Kolegova and Evgeny Ivanchenko in "Swan Lake" at Mariinsky Theatre # Photo © Zhanna Chul>>

The Gerenuk.    A native to Africa, this member of the antelope family has a disproportionately long neck and unique pelvis that allows it stand completely upright.  These features allow these fellas to get to the high-growing vegetation that they've evolved to eat.  Their comically tiny heads are also alien-looking to me.

Real or photoshopped? The gerenuk, also known as the Waller's gazelle, is a long-necked species of antelope found in dry thorn bush scrub and desert in Eastern Africa. The word gerenuk comes from the Somali language, meaning "giraffe-necked".