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Ideas to transform our tiny terrace back yard.
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the garden is full of plants and flowers
hold up your dahlias perfect for cutting garden seen at sarah raven perch hill
an outdoor garden with potted plants and flowers in front of a small shed that has a white door
Charming Garden Potting Sheds: Sunday Strolls + Scrolls - The Inspired Room
Charming Garden Potting Sheds: Sunday Strolls + Scrolls - The Inspired Room
a painting of some flowers on a white background with red and purple petals in the foreground
nicola jane stratton tyler🌿 on Instagram: "Pelargonium study This plant was given to me by a dear friend and I cherish it. It is so delicate and the greens are really soft. I have wanted to paint it for ages. #stilllife #paintingfromlife #pelargonium #oilsketch #friendship #flowerpot #impressionistpainting #contemporaryart #softgreens"
logs are stacked on top of each other in the grass and plants around them, along with flowers
Nigel Dunnett on Instagram: "Log wall habitat, a complete garden in itself #log #logwall #logpile #logstack #gardendesign #ecogarden #habitatgarden #sustainabledesign #sustainablegardening #shefplanting"
a woman is sitting in a hammock on the back yard with her dog
Don't Move, Improve! 2021 shortlist spotlights London's best house renovations
a small wooden building in the middle of a yard with lots of leaves on the ground
Garden Studios London | Why Have a Garden Studio
a yellow and black shed sitting on top of a lush green field
'Fed up of waiting for the builders': lockdown DIY trials and triumphs
an outdoor patio with plants and potted plants
Pergola Design
a wooden bench with pillows on it and a straw hat sitting on top of it
DIY: zomers ligbed | vtwonen
a hammock hanging from the side of a building next to a wooden bench
Relaxed City Garden