Lake Balaton, Hungary

Lake Balaton, Hungary - Europe - The largest lake in Central Europe is a health spa, a popular vacation resort, and an oasis of natural beauty.

Lake Balaton, Hungary, as seen from the air

This is how we left Hungary. first Alitalia took us over the heart of Bp seeing all the major buildings and bridges and then right over the Balaton. Beautiful, but sad departure.

Lake Balaton aerial view (size: 77 km x 1.3-14 km) #Hungary #Europe #lake #Balaton #Plattensee

Balaton lake - one of the largest lakes in central europe

"golden bridge to Badacsony"

autumn golden sunset from Tihany peninsula with a view to hill Badacsony


Balaton - Balatoni vitorlások (Sailing boats on Lake Balaton) - Hlinka Zsolt Phorography