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history map of Europe 1453AD

History, map and timeline of Europe - 979 CE showing Europe at the time of the Viking raids and the expansion of Christendom into eastern Europe

Gold Pendant -- In the form of a raptor -- Scythian -- Hermitage Museum -- St. Petersburg, Russia

Title Gold pendant in the form of a raptor Artist Scythian Art Museum State Hermitage, St. Petersburg Method Gold Created School Category Objects Trend in art Ancient Cultur Keywords Scythians, Scythian Gold, Scythian warriors

Scythian saddle cover depicting gryphon attacking a mountain goat, 305-288 BCE, excavated 1929. Felt, leather, fur, hair and gold:

One of the first samples of the felt history: A felt, hair and leather applique saddle found in the frozen Pazyryk tombs in Siberia in I've seen it in the Hermitage Museum.