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László Várhegyi

László Várhegyi
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Barbed Wire Around Your Heart   Omaha Beach, France   -M.

Barbed Wire Around Your Heart Omaha Beach, France -M.

Se comprendere è impossibile, conoscere è necessario. (Primo Levi - Se questo è un uomo)

I love this spot color for yellow because even though the picture of the boy is sad and kinda almost disturbing the flower make it seem insightful . As well as how we can tell that the picture is representing to like not focus on the bad but on the good n

Maintenant j’ai une hache

Created: Nov No nudity or half-dressed women here, just women that know their way around a gun.

In Black River Falls the non infected people could be around the infected people but if they were too close to them they could get it. So they used gas mask to be close to the infected people. It was an air born illness so that why they used gas mask.