There’s No Other Way

Funny pictures about If Only There Was Another Way. Oh, and cool pics about If Only There Was Another Way. Also, If Only There Was Another Way photos.

Meanwhile in Russia...

Funny pictures about Cop Cars Around The World. Oh, and cool pics about Cop Cars Around The World. Also, Cop Cars Around The World photos.

The look on his face

Every time I watch this it just gets more hilarious! Did you see the look on that guys face, he's having a great day! I wonder how long it takes the phone lady to notice. Oh my gosh.

XD this is the best they have nothing (square root of zero is zero) but he has an army and a hulk XD

can someone explain? A raging migraine?<<<I think the teacher just marked them as incomplete while the brilliant child made an Avengers reference

Linguistic differences – helicopter

Linguistic differences - helicopter 10 times funnier to a kid in a german class!

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