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Main Menu for #VR #AR #360design

Main Menu - The UI in the Menu scene uses custom meshes to achieve a curved, enclosed environment. Interaction with these meshes uses the same methods as detailed in the “Interaction in VR” article.

Omnifinity, a start-up based out of Sweden, announced today the release of their Omnideck 6 virtual reality treadmill.

A 6 m wide omnidirectional motorised combined with optical tracking technology and translation software.

HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset http://itblowsmymind.net/htc-vive-virtual-reality-headset/ #headset #virtual-reality #ItBlowsMyMind

The HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset delivers a fully immersive room-scale virtual experience unlike any other. Along with a 2160 x 1200 resolution and a .