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a bathroom sink with a mirror above it and a plant on the counter next to it
Scolpire Seafoam Concrete Countertop Basin 420 mm
Scolpire Seafoam Concrete Countertop Basin 420 mm
a light that is on the side of a wall
We Ponder / Nudie Interior Ceramic Wall Light - Nudie Short Interior
We Ponders latest release celebrates the beauty of nature with the ‘nudie’ ceramic finish. The organic, raw finish allows you to add a touch of nature to your space, creating a lovely sense of tranquillity and calm whether the light is turned on or off. Nudie has a matt, unglazed finish allowing the natural beauty of the delicate clay to shine. Seamlessly mounted on a near invisible custom designed back plate, allowing your wall light to hug your wall tightly. Nudie has been carefully sealed to
a white sink sitting under a mirror in a bathroom next to a wooden counter top
Minimalistisk og lækkert badeværelsesdesign
Badeværelsesdesign i minimalistisk stil. Der opstår en spændende kontrast mellem væg, gulv og møbler med forskellige valg af materialer imens den røde tråd er tydelig