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an open box with a tiger design on it next to a small container filled with lip bales
2022 임인년 한율 ‘날아라 호랑이’ 캠페인 리미티드 에디션 Hanyul Tiger Campaign Limited design
2022년 임인년 호랑이해를 맞아 한율의 ‘한국 자연의 힘’과 호랑이를 연계해 새해 메세지를 전달할 수 있는 리미티드 디자인을 진행하였습니다. 어린쑥, 빨간쌀, 달빛유자의 원산지를 배경으로 한국자연에서 뛰어노는 호랑이의 모습을 한율만의 한국적 시선으로 담아내기 위해 모던 민화작가 서하나님과 협업하여 민화 형식의 그래픽으로 디자인을 전개하였습니다.
an open box containing two boxes with designs on the front and side, sitting on a green surface
Jincheng Tea Mid-Autumn Gift Box
Jincheng Tea Mid-Autumn Gift Box :: Behance
a red and black flowered background with the word mac on it
We’ve Never Seen Makeup Inspired By THIS Animal Before...
MAC Cosmetics Chinese New Year Fire Rooster Collection, the Eye Shadow Collection
an assortment of japanese teas and pastries are displayed on a black table top
the packaging design is designed to look like an open box with different items in it
Designer+Art Director | Hanna Simu | Portfolio
HIMALI Rock Salt Himali rock salt is a premium brand that sells rock salt crystals from different parts of the world. Himali shows the process of mining the crystals as well as present their origin in a distinct and refined way.
Influencer Packaging, Luxury Watch Box, Watch Packaging, Limited Edition Watches, Event Gifts, Glass Vials, Watch Companies
Ormous Watch Packaging by Progress Packaging for Ormous
an open book with a curved corner on it's cover sitting on top of a glass table
Cours de cartonnage : boîte-livre à aimants - LA'RTISTENCADREUR
a black box with a white label on it and some papers sticking out of the top
J.R. Ewing Bourbon Whiskey Promo Box
J.R. Ewing Bourbon Whiskey Promo Box
an open box that is sitting on the ground