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Worried about bringing fresh food on an upcoming #backpacking trip? Learn what keeps longest and other nutritional tips --

Calorically dense foods provide the energy to hike strong all day long. Fresh foods provide nutrient, color, and flavor to your backcountry meals. Here's how to find the perfect balance, plus information on how long fresh food lasts while backpacking.

Author Sarah Kirkconnell ( has revised and expanded her excellent book Freezer Bag Cooking with the addition of many, many great new recipes. Freezer bag cooking is a simple technique that is perfect for Scouts, hot water is added to dry ingredients in freezer bag much like one adds hot water to a prepackaged freeze-dried meal. (No, …

It’s been the making for years, and with a lot of interruptions…. Freezer Bag Cooking: Adventure Ready Recipes is our newest book. This is the taking of FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) to where I dreamed it would go, all those.

A collection of hiking recipes and backpacking food ideas. Find quick and easy meal recipes for your next trail!

Meals ought to be made as easy as possible. What’s more, it should be mentioned that Icelandic meals have a high proportion of meats, so you’ll need to very specifically mention you want a vegetarian meal with no meat content.

How To Travel Without Money : 39 Smart Budget Saver Ideas

Learn how to travel without money and keep your budget with smart transportation, food and accommodation tips. You don't need to be rich to travel!

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail extends 740 miles across the rivers, streams, and lakes of New York, Vermont, Québec, New Hampshire and Maine. The nation's longest paddling trail can be explored by kayak or canoe and is suitable for day trips or longer excursions. The organization offers maps, guidebooks, online tools and fun events to get you out on the water.

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail is a inland water trail in the northeastern United States. The Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Inc. is a member-supported nonprofit that publishes a guidebook and 13 maps.