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before and after shots of the interior of an airstream airplane, with different seating areas
VARR | Vintage Airstream Restorations and Repairs
Before & Afters of a 1975 Sovereign 31' Restoration - VARR - Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs - Specializing in polishing and customization.
the instructions for how to build a floating house
Uber Shelter : An Emergency Shelter in Disastrous Events - Tuvie Design
Uber Shelter : An Emergency Shelter in Disastrous Events | Tuvie
two people standing in the doorway of a house with wooden walls and stairs leading to another room
Дача в Чили 3 - Блог "Частная архитектура"
Угольный домик (Charred Cabin) в Чили от DRAA.
a room with some shelves and stairs in it
mezzanine bed
mezzanine bed - Cerca con Google
a bed in a room with wooden floors and walls that have been built into the wall
Pour un appartement plus petit... ou une tiny house - Le Boudoir de Madame Elisabeth
the interior of a wooden cabin with bunk beds and red chair in front of it
Why You Should Live in a Small House - NZ Herald
Inspiration, Van, Design, Modern, Dekorasyon, Amazing
two bunk beds in a wooden room with white sheets and pillows on the bottom bed
Definitely need to build me a treehouse
there is a loft bed with ladder to the top and table below it in this small room
Ideia de Chalé
an aerial view of a house with two cars parked in the driveway and one bedroom on the first floor
Pinterest: @claudiagabg | Casa en residencia 3 cuartos
an overhead view of a small house plan
Pequeña casa ampliada con métodos prefabricados, les enseñamos su moderna y fácil construcción -
Modelo Vicens . Casas Visión. Mexicali, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Hermosillo y Los Mochis.
the floor plan for a studio apartment