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a wooden cutting board topped with lots of different types of food on top of it
Vegan Grazing Table: How To Make A Vegan Grazing Platter
a platter with different types of food on it, including olives, bread and crackers
How To Make a Vegetarian Mezze Board: Easy Food Platter (2023)
an assortment of food is laid out on a wooden table, including vegetables and dips
Vegan Mezze Platter - Crowded Kitchen
a wooden tray filled with different types of cheese and crackers on top of it
Epic Vegetarian Charcuterie Board (and How to Build it) - The Fiery Vegetarian
This beautiful epic vegetarian charcuterie board guide includes how to build this exact board with plenty of photos for instruction, what to include on vegetarian charcuterie boards and ideas, a guide to portion size for different sized groups (for two, four, six, ten and twelve) and depending on whether the board is an appetizer or a main...your perfect resource for a light no-cook summer dinner, an appetizer, or a spectacular amazing party platter for entertaining.
a platter filled with crackers, dips and veggies is shown
The Ultimate Vegan Party Platter
This Ultimate Vegan Party Platter is sure to be the life of the party at any gathering! Filled with fruit, vegan chicken nuggets, dips, and more, this party platter will disappear in no time.
a platter filled with assorted vegetables and dips on top of a table
Mezze Platter