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Retrograde stand up arcade machines in oak, macassar and walnut

Retrograde from surface tension. Upright arcade gaming using modern design, materials and technology. MAME-compatible with genuine arcade controls.

MAME Arcade Cabinet created from salvaged Neo Geo / Street Fighter II CE cabinet.

MAME Cabinet in 4 Key Steps

This Instructable is more like a guideline than a true step by step Instructable. It is about converting - rather than building from scratch - an Arcade Cabinet into.

Homebrew CPU Home Page

Bill Buzbee's computer, with a homemade CPU built from 74 series logic chips. It runs a webserver so you can visit pages hosted by the homemade computer.

A Z80 Computer With Switches And Blinkenlights | Hackaday

A Z80 Computer With Switches And Blinkenlights

A Computer With Switches And Blinkenlights via /r/geek.

Enterprise128_03.jpg (1218×636)

Enterprise128_03.jpg (1218×636)



Bruce Lee II

This page is about Bruce Lee II for the Commodore