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a wooden gazebo with an orange roof and decorative carvings on the sides, in front of a white wall
MDF Jali Designs For A Mandir At Home
a white and gold shrine in the corner of a room next to a mirror with lights on it
a wooden structure with columns and pillars on the ground next to a blue platform in front of some trees
1 Gothic - style Altar - Antique Church Altars & Altar Stones - Fluminalis
an ornate white and gold shrine in the middle of a room with pink flowers on it
Door, Prayer Room Designs by Carpenter Roshan sharma, Faridabad | Kolo
a wooden clock tower sitting in the middle of a room with yellow walls and windows
the room is decorated in wood and has an open door with a painting on it
4 Charming Wooden Pooja Room Designs You’ll Love to Have in Your Home
a white gazebo in the middle of a room with marble flooring and walls
Modern Home Temple Design and Decoration Ideas in 2023
Vietnam white Temple
Vietnam white temple, Marble temple, Marble Mandir, marble temple design for home
Garden Wallpaper, Be Design, Indian Home Interior
Best Pooja Room Design - GharPedia
a decorated stage with bells and flowers on it
good colleges for interior design
an elaborate wooden shrine with statues on the floor and decorations all around it in front of a wall
Best Architects in Bhubaneswar