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FC Barcelona Camp Nou Experience

Camp Nou is a football stadium in Barcelona, Catalonia. It has been the home of FC Barcelona since its completion in With a seating capacity of

Slicer in excel 2013 add search button and multiple filters

A quick introduction to adding search filters to Excel Slicers, understand how to add multiple filters on slicers. Fun way of using Excel Slicers differently.

Budapest Air Show 1st May 2016

Extraordinary Budapest Air Show ,low flyover right above the Danube river! with car race/ show on top of it in front of Buda Castle.

Excel Master-shortcut key - All in One

No need to memorize short cut keys, this one will help you anywhere anytime without remember any other short cut key combinations, easy to remember, Master-s.

How to build Excel trafficlight Dashboards using Icon sets

Icon sets give you an opportunity to create visual effects in your data to see how the value of a cell compares with other cells.

How to change default saving format of Excel?

You can set Excel format as default "Save As" format: to any file type you wish you.

Creative Excel Chart for HR Professionals

Excel HR dashboard - Chart for HR Professionals

Handy Accounts Receivable Aging Report using Excel

Use Excel to determine which customers are paying on time, which are not, and how far they are behind the payment date.

How to make Effective Collection Calls

Secrets to get paid faster, How to make your collection calls Right and Make them more effective and What to Say during a Collection Call

Dynamic Excel Heat Maps for complex data dashboards

Excel heat map add-in is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors, helping you to creat.

Power Query for Excel, an Introduction

Introduction to Power Query for Excel, how to design a power query and import data from various sources.

Excel Formula to Make Magic & get rid of Unnecessary Steps

Save time using Excel array formulas to make magic and Eliminate A Bunch Of Unnecessary Steps. An “Array” function allows you to perform mathematical operati.

How to Create Excel timeline in 2 minutes

Visually show a series of events in chronological order over a linear timescale to make it more visible and better understandable in Excel.