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knit necklace #tricotin

Catirpel Necklace by Elyse Marks. Catirpel is a beautiful, modern, knit necklace that will is a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. Can be done in triple, double, or single tier variations in a number of colors.

Cotton Rope - Necklace

Knot Bib Necklace, by Eliana Venier's Alienina project, which uses beauty and creativity to highlight the worth of recycling and reuse.the Knot Bib is made with old nylon sailing rope, woven to create a thick, chunky texture.

I love snowflakes. I love to crochet them and to decorate with them. We use them as Christmas tree ornaments and on hanging wreath. Every year I’m asked to share crochet snowflakes diagrams&

Crochet Clover - Chart ❥ 4U // hf

I'm trying to figure out if I can convert this clover pattern to a shamrock pattern (FYI - shamrocks only have 3 leaves) Crochet Clover - Chart ❥ // hf