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an old car driving down the road next to some buildings and water in front of it
an aerial view of a large house with flowers growing on it
Castle Combe: The Most Beautiful Village in England
a circular room with a plant and potted palm tree in the center, surrounded by wood flooring
the hallway is lined with arched windows and wooden floors, along with chandeliers
In Love with Groin Vault Ceilings - Petite Haus
two children are standing on the steps in front of a house with large potted plants
See How Pastel Colors Transform the Exteriors of 10 Homes
a large house surrounded by blue flowers and greenery
Vue du jardin du musée Rodin
the circular room has many bookshelves and windows in it, along with a spiral staircase
𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐀 ᵗᵛᵈ