Sundance Elwood

Sundance Elwood

Sundance Elwood
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DIY Plastic Wrap Nail Art. This is such a easy and fun mani! Must try.

DIY Plastic Wrap Nail Art // Saran Wrap Manicure // OPI Goldeneye - Essie Where's my Chauffeur // Tutorial - I can see this going horribly wrong but neat idea

Nobody can tell him that tenrose for life

Brilliant theory from "Not Some New Man: The Hidden Pattern Behind the Doctor’s Regenerations". i love the Doctor, and Rose.

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DAT SMILE. If it doesn't warm your heart and make your entire day better, you have no humanity.

[gif] Wait for it.Wait for it. Pinned before and will pin again.) <<< Yeah, I love the way the smile starts small, then grows, then takes over his face.

Rose/TenII GIF: The first time 10.5 tries to use the toaster. it is a good chuckle

The duplicate Doctor making toast for the first time. This is just precious. TenToo and Rose < lol I wish my toast came out of the toaster like that