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Fitness motivation inspiration fitspo crossfit running workout exercise - fuck the bitches who think lifting will make you unattractive!


It solves everything…

Pain makes you stronger. Years make you braver. A broken heart makes you wiser. And alcohol makes you not remember any of that crap. So drink on and be merry!


Love the Bible verse/crossfit combo! Putting this into practice in everyday life is very important if we are to be successful at just about anything.

I love the Beast one! However, if I ever wore one of these out in public, I would be judged.

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Gym rat

How I feel when I see collar bone or hip bone :D Contact us for custom quotes prints on canvas or vinyl(Fitness Tips Quotes)

Check out these 12 cardio moves that will help burn fat and build muscle - best of all, no running or whatsoever is required.

Never let the world know you are vulnerable

Strong women wear their pain like high heels, no matter how much it hurts, all upi see is the beauty. High Heeled Life ~ Live It!

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