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an animated character with headphones and a flowery dress is smiling at the camera
〜 ✿ T!ny Lee✧∘*
an animal crossing game character sitting on the ground in front of flowers and palm trees
✨r o s i e✨
two teddy bears are sitting on a dock watching fireworks go off in the night sky
MaySketchADay 1-6, Airi Pan
a cartoon cat with glasses and a pink dress is standing in front of a purple background
an animal crossing character in a room with a desk and chair behind her, wearing a rabbit costume
Sasha <3
an animal crossing game character in the middle of a desert with trees and houses behind it
So cute 🎀
a girl with pink hair and green dress standing in front of a flowery wall
a cartoon cat with a pink dress and a rainbow in the background
a cartoon bear wearing sunglasses and a black dress
an animal crossing game character wearing sunglasses
a small stuffed animal with hearts on it's head and ears, sitting in front of a wall
an animal crossing game is shown on the screen
a group of animated characters standing next to each other