Coffee Charms on a Vintage Sterling Bracelet

Coffee Charms on a Vintage Sterling Bracelet Clay Donuts Strawberries Chocolate Yum! Wish Ikept this one since I love Coffee so much!

gumball charms...OMG!!!  who would have thought to string these on a bracelet?  LOVE IT!

Hilarious chock-full homemade charm bracelet made from vintage gum ball charms (popular in the and

This is a favorite book of mine(of many fav's) all about Charm Bracelets! By author Tracey Zabar /photographs by Ellen SIlverman. I love the charms and the wonderful stories in this book! If you do not have IS a treasure..because it not only shares stories..but, tells about some of the charms as well!(things to do with charms or where to go to buy, and more!!)

History on a Wrist: 'Charmed Bracelets'

Maddie Dreyfus, the heroine of my book, "Stiff Competition" (about two competing funeral directors) liked charms and charm bracelets.this book was never published.

Vintage Gumball Machine Charms & Toys. The skillets were one of my favorites.

Ooooh, look what I just found: a huge bag of vintage gumball machine prizes , still in their capsules!