Sandor Herceg

Sandor Herceg
israel, telaviv - hungary, budapest / sweating 'like a whore in church
Sandor Herceg
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created by French photographer and animator Nicolas Monterrat. He brings surreal scenes to life adding a bit of humor to historical photos, paintings, and other borrowed imagery


1926 This shot from the movie The General is the most expensive shot in silent film history. It was filmed in a single take, that had to be perfect, with a real train and a ‘dummy’ engineer (notice the white arm hanging out the conductors window).

Capharnaum Steampunk

"Just as iron which is not used grows rusty, and water putrefies and freezes in the cold, so the mind of which no use is made is spoilt." ~LEONARDO DA VINCI, Thoughts on Art and Life


Mostly come out at night… Hell no would i be waiting long enough for them to…