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a woman's hands are holding onto an old suitcase on the ground in grass
a close up of a person holding a knife and wearing armor with grass in the background
four different sketches of the same creature
Oswald’s drawings
a metal shield with a red arrow in the center on a black wall next to gravel
White-Crescent-7274 User Profile | DeviantArt
a chair made out of metal and wood
*head desks*
an animated image of a dragon attacking another creature in the snow with icebergs behind it
ᴘɪɴ: ᴄʟᴠᴜᴅɪɪ
a pencil drawing of a dragon with wings on it's back
HTTYD-fanarts: Photo
a drawing of a dragon flying through the air
A Dragon for Week 12 - Speed Stinger by MoxieMooo on DeviantArt
an old paper with three different types of squids on it's back side