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a plate topped with an egg and flowers
Dessert 🍨
a chocolate cake with a cherry on top and flowers in the middle, sitting on a plate
Berliner Speisemeisterei on Instagram: “[cherry] by @yusuke.1019 ・・・ Cherry confiture, Araguani cremeux, pistachio praline, biscuit moelleux If you also want to get featured and…”
there is a chocolate dessert with cherries on it
Claire Heitzler
a white plate topped with a red and white dessert
a black plate topped with red fruit and veggies on top of each other
Sous la loupe de Match - Un écrin dans l’Ain, le Jiva Hill Resort
a wooden table topped with a tree cut out of it's branches and leaves
three red and white cupcakes sitting on top of a table
a plate with some food on it that is shaped to look like a flower and has been placed on top
Elegant dessert inspiration
a chocolate apple sitting on top of a cupcake in a basket next to other cups
a dessert is displayed on a plate with gold flakes and sprinkles