What a precious little baby...

Went down into my basement after school today and found her like this.

21 Animals Who Will Definitely Not Stay Up Until Midnight. Not a gift but too cute not to share!



Cavalier puppy blenheim

Just like Bette when she was a pup.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy Check out more cute puppies at o

I wish my family could afford to get two of them instead of one! they are pretty as a pair.

Ruby Cavalier

So cote, red is almost as pretty as golden or black, all are sweet natured dogs…

baby owl

Funny pictures about A Tiny Baby Hamster. Oh, and cool pics about A Tiny Baby Hamster. Also, A Tiny Baby Hamster photos.

Black and Tan Cavaliers

These Cavaliers have Attitude! Three beautiful Black and Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Awww, Cavaliers are great with any species!