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a diagram of the human heart with all its parts labeled in black and white ink
blank heart diagram
diagram of the human heart and its major vessels, labeled in latina - spanish
sistema cardiovascular
the muscles are labeled in this diagram
an image of the muscles and their major vessels on a white board with text below
Músculos do braço
the diagram shows the lungs and their functions in this medical info sheet, which is also used
Sistema Respiratório em Mapa Mental 💜
Explore o funcionamento do sistema respiratório de forma visual e intuitiva com nossos mapas mentais detalhados. Ideal para estudantes e professores interessados em biologia e anatomia humana. #SistemaRespiratório #MapaMental #Biologia #Anatomia #Estudo
an image of the human heart and its major functions in spanish language, with caption
the anatomy of the heart and its major vessels
three different views of the human body, each with an individual section labeled in their own words
vertebrae final