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Three-time national award-winning designer, Sylvie, comes from a long lineage of diamond aficionados. Each hand-crafted piece of jewelry is unique, personal…
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the cover of 3 carat engagement rings guide
3 Carat Engagement Rings | Jewelry Guide | Jewelry Inspo | Sylvie Jewelry
Looking for an engagement ring that truly stands out on your ring finger? Consider 3-carat diamond engagement rings! These impressive stones make a statement with their size and sparkle. Explore the shapes that enhance their natural beauty, learn about the clarity and cut of the diamonds, and discover the perfect setting to showcase these magnificent stones in this complete guide. 3 Carat Engagement Rings | Jewelry Guide | Jewelry Inspo | Sylvie Jewelry
Diamond Rings for Women
Diamond Rings for Women
Virtual Engagement Ring Try On | Bridal Jewelry | Sylvie Jewelry
Are you seeking the ideal engagement ring? Shopping online for a significant purchase like an engagement ring requires attention to detail. That's why we've added a try-on feature to our website, allowing you to experience the Sylvie look from the comfort of your home. Browse hundreds of engagement rings to see what fits your taste the most, just by visiting our site. Make your journey of becoming a Sylvie bride that much easier. Virtual Engagement Ring Try On | Bridal Jewelry | Sylvie Jewelry
an engagement ring with three pear shaped diamonds on it and the words how often to clean an engagement ring?
How Often to Clean an Engagement Ring
Wondering how often to clean your engagement ring? Regular cleaning is critical in ensuring the longevity and brilliance of your ring. Discover a simple, short guide to keeping your ring sparkling in this blog post. Ensure your engagement ring remains in perfect condition and lasts a lifetime. Dive in now for all the details! Sylvie. How Often to Clean an Engagement Ring
the engagement and wedding band is being worn by a woman
Engagement and Wedding Band Pairing
Discover how to pick a wedding ring that complements your engagement ring! Choosing the perfect wedding ring can feel like a daunting task, but when it comes to picking a wedding band that complements the engagement ring, it’s all about harmony. Ensure both rings reflect your unique love story and elevate the bridal aesthetic. Read this blog post to learn everything you need to know! Sylvie. Engagement and Wedding Band Pairing
an engagement ring with two diamonds on the side, and one diamond in the middle
Modern Engagement Rings: 2 Styles
Explore our contemporary collection for simple and minimalist yet unique engagement rings. Discover a leaf-inspired ring showcasing our signature Legacy Shell profile with a unique cascading leaf-like design flanking the diamond center stone. Or consider a compass set solitaire vine prong ring where vines elegantly move together, twisting as they reach the center stone to create a curving effect. Which would you say ‘yes’ to? Sylvie. Modern Engagement Rings: 2 Styles
a woman in white shirt holding pink flowers and reading a magazine with sunglasses on her head
Tulira: Flower Inspired Jewelry
Honoring Sylvie’s roots, the Tulira jewelry collection recalls the beauty of Belgium in the spring time with their exquisite flora. Flowers symbolize love, celebration, and femininity, perfectly aligning with the core values and purpose of Sylvie. Visit our website now to discover the perfect jewelry additions for your spring collection. Sylvie. Tulira: Flower Inspired Jewellery
a woman's engagement ring with the words what finger should an engagement ring go on?
What Finger Should an Engagement Ring Go On?
You have the ring, but on which finger should it go? Whether you’re all about time-honored traditions or lean towards modern trends, the style in which you wear your engagement ring is a personal choice. Check out this short guide to help you decide how to wear your engagement ring. Sylvie. What Finger Should an Engagement Ring Go On?
a woman in a strapless dress with flowers on her head and the caption see more
Tulira: Nature-Inspired Bridal Jewelry Collection
Discover Sylvie's Tulira engagement ring collection, inspired by the beauty of nature and the journey of love. Each piece showcases captivating elements of flora, presenting a trend-forward approach to engagement rings and wedding bands. Explore our exquisite jewelry pieces and share which one you’re dreaming of wearing on your hand. Sylvie. Tulira: A Nature-Inspired Bridal Jewelry Collection
a woman's hand with a diamond ring on it and a blue towel around her