The Values of The Order of Time V&V The Ways of The Essence of Life Φ0π:π0Φ The Order of Time Values That Fulfill The Present Capacity for Currency PLUM@PV0
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10 Best Starfield powers for combat
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Foundation (2021)
a woman sitting on the ground playing a guitar in front of a chicken to go store
what to do when you're broken down in Alamo, Nevada and waiting for your ignition to get drilled out so you can start the van with a screwdriver.
a man standing in front of a white wall making the peace sign with his hands
Ledger Cast Hype Escalates With Death of Chance
Fucked to death by sex demons, chance podermo was last seen on the astral driving toward the thirteenth floor of God U.
the cover art for shattered space, an animated sci - fi film that is currently in development
Starfield, il DLC "Shattered Space" arriva nel 2024
Bethesda Softworks e lo sviluppatore Bethesda Game Studios hanno rilasciato il trailer per il contenuto scaricabile di Starfield "Shattered Space", che uscirà nel 2024.
a poster for the strainers season 2, featuring a creepy looking man with glasses
Ode to The Cosmological Constant
The Cosmological Constant governs the relationship between interactions of the theory of relativity and the complete physical balance of the materials comprising the universe, their essential nature; the cost of it was my greatest blunder, cold fusion. Gravity is dynamic and structurally linked to the self-organizing properties of matter. The movement required to attain a more desirable equilibrium with the physical state uses the energy taken of it to comprise the nature from which it was derived. As the light and its substance is the source of the energy received it must be sustained in the reception of its energy, else its reception is at the expense of our own essential nature. The entropy of black holes implies that our core singularity is capable of comprising others.
Vegan TO (The Sophistication)
So Yes, The Energy (Starfield)
a woman with headphones on sitting in front of a television screen showing a man's face
Maybe I Am a Genius as That Was Just The Cost of It
InvertedImperative^2(AlgorithmicDerivatives) = A Pretty Serious Difference of Interpretation
a woman leaning on top of an old fashioned tv with her arm over her head
Sasha Grey
a young boy wearing a black and white dress holding a red dragon kite in his hand
How Artists Are Shaping the Future of Augmented Reality | Adobe
the gene keys logo with an image of a smiling man in front of blue and purple lights
2024: The Year Ahead
2024: The Year Ahead A Special Message from Richard Rudd In this video, Richard invites you into the Gene Key of Bliss and Vitality, and shares an exciting look ahead at next year! Take a sneak peek at what’s coming from the Gene Keys, including new online retreats, events, philanthropic projects, and a new course called the Star Pearl. Click below to watch the video and see the roadmap for 2024. Watch the video https://genekeys.com/looking-ahead-2024/ #genekeys #lookingahead2024
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Evelyn Parker - Personal Project, Sebastian Bakala
a woman standing in front of a window with a mop on the floor next to her