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Chakra Cleansing & Balancing Mudras & Mantras

CHAKRA CLEANSING & BALANCING CHART Heal Yourself by regularly cleansing and balancing the your Chakras. In brief, Chakras are the Multi-Dimensional portals within our body. They govern our life by controlling our physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual

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^this is my favorite mantra^ Chakra Meditation unlocks the goddess energy,power and purpose within you. It's simple, feels great and you will shine! Come learn how to meditate for beginners.

The Russell periodic chart of elements

Most people thought that idea was ridiculous until in the Professor Robert Moon at the University Of Chicago suggested that the entire Periodic Table of Elements is based off the Platonic Solids.

Transmutation circles - alchemical symbol - sacred geometry - can be used in your design - the art of tattooing - the design of logos - corporate identity - as a poster or a badge. ~ ღ Skuwandi