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ARCHITECTURE – another great example of beautiful design. Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire

Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire, England, built in combines elements of Jacobean and Elizabethan styles with symmetrical Baroque massing

Hillerod Castle, Denmark

Frederiksborg Palace or Frederiksborg Castle is a palace in Hillerød, Denmark. It was built as a royal residence for King Christian IV and is now a museum of national history.

heildelberg, Germany. I've been here!! This castle was amazing

Heidelburg Castle - Germany Neat Castle to visit. Was beautiful to sit across the river and have this view and watch the illumination!

Wilhelmshöhe (formerly Karlsberg) was begun by Landgraf Karl in 1696. It is a enormous expanse of baroque terrassing and cascades, occupying an entire hillside in the city of Kassel. The garden was modelled after the italian rennaissance gardens of Rome, and Karl employed italian architects (Giovanni Francesco Guerniero) and hydro-engineers to create spectacular waterfeatures similar to the Villas d'Este, Lante or Aldobrandini. The crown of the hill is the gigantic 'grotto' topped by the…

Wilhelmshöhe Castle (formerly Karlsberg) was built in It occupies an entire hillside in the city of Kassel, Germany. The crown of the hill is the gigantic 'grotto' topped by the sculpture of Hercules, situated almost 300 m above the foot of the garden.

Castello di Sammezzano in Reggello, Tuscany, Italy

The Peacock Room – Castello di Sammezzano in Reggello, Tuscany, Italy. Within an abandoned castle in Tuscany, you can find the Peacock Room, a hidden jewel which features intricate Moorish designs and a breathtaking assortment of patterns and colors.

The Czech Republic is home to legendary castles.

Frydlant Castle in the Czech Republic, originally Gothic then built up in the Renaissance

Debreceni Református Nagytemplom

Photo of Debreceni Református Nagytemplom