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Piet chimney free indoor stove with a brass reflector...burns ethanol fuel instead of wood so gives off no smoke or soot.

This is not an expedition capsule NASA's space but is a fireplace that was designed by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius. Modern Piet Fireplace name for this fireplace is a chimney-free indoor stove that burns ethanol instead of wood

Fun turquoise and green lockers and storage boxes -  Maarten de Ceulear

what a great idea for a closet. just a bunch of boxes even piled up. currently don't have a closet so this is most definitely a future diy project. "a pile of suitcases" by maarten de ceulaer.

Willy Van Der Meeren (B) 1950's cabinet

Willy Van Der Meeren (B) cabinet

Alex Regal Latte Regal

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99 by Von Tundra and Lydia Cambron Oregon-based Von Tundra’s unit combines three different storage options—a rack, drawers, and boxes—into a multipurpose dresser.

furniture, even useful as a clothesliner

Two ladders are joined by hidden hinges to create this adaptable slimline coat rack by Taiwanese designer Yenwen Tseng.


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