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a hand holding a small electronic device in it's left palm, with the top part missing
ESP8266 TV Remote for Homekit
Hi, in this instructable, i want to show my latest project.ESP8266-03 TV remote board.Can control with Homekit, or any TCP socket client. Powered from 5V with micro USB connector.
an electronic device sitting on top of a wooden table
Arduino - AD9850 Waveform Generator
Arduino - AD9850 Waveform Generator
an alarm clock sitting on top of a wooden table next to a black pipe and yellow sponge
soldering station
A soldering station is probably one of the first things a maker should invest in. The ability to build your own equipment is what quilifies you as a maker. Building my own soldering iron controller…
the basic electronic theory poster with diagrams and instructions for each element in this diagram, you can
Newbie Electronics Hobbyist Reference Printable Download Bundle
basic electronics theory cheat sheet poster
an electrical wiring diagram showing the different colors and types of wires, which are labeled in red
Circuit Notes: How to Read a Resistor
three different types of electronic circuit diagrams, one with an invertor and the other with
the words make a diy usb otg cable written in red on a white background
How to Make USB OTG Cable
Did you forgot to put an important file on your USB key or you want to type faster on your smart phone? If your one of those watch this tutorial where I build nice...
an electronic device circuit diagram showing the time and current on the clock, as shown in this
Electronics Scoring Game Circuit Diagram
three different types of electronic devices connected to each other with wires and plugs on them
Regulador para tiras de LEDS con 555