Szabó Tünde
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Here's a new take on the traditional festive wreath... a pom-pom snowman wreath to welcome family and friends
Lapin de Pâques en boite de conserve
I absolutely love the petal envelope! It can be used for so much! Awesome template for making them yourself!
Erika Chapa Alvarez: Google+
fleur papier
It's not just a gift anymore
Macetero de piedrecitas
Sun catcher.  The head of each downline is a certain color, dif stones for the people below.  So we would have 7 across.  My parents strand would have 10 pretty stones below her (for her children and grandchildren).  This could be given away as a drawing, or something everyone makes for fun.  Would need enough wire, sticks and stones for the head of each family to make one with their family's help.