Szabó-Weinacht Peter

Szabó-Weinacht Peter

Győr, Hungary
Szabó-Weinacht Peter
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Gorilla Mom and baby

Love in her eyes: Martha the western lowland gorilla tenderly embraces her two-week-old baby at Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas yesterday (though the headline says 'monkey' they mean 'ape' lol don't be so persnickety, right?

Native Americans Indians by david yorke

David Yorke Artist, Authorized Website, Current Paintings and New Prints Available, Western and Native American Art

Peggy and Kittens by ~DeeOtter

gorgeous- Caracal (Caracal caracal) sometimes called desert lynx But NOT amember of the lynx family.

Koala Bears

Healesville Sanctuary Welcomes Dindi, The First Koala Joey To Be Born @ The Sanctuary In More Than Three Years. Dindi Was Named After Aboriginal Elder Murrundindi. Here He Is On His Mum’s Back.