Szammy Móni

Szammy Móni

Az ember a nehéz pillanatokban döbben rá, hogy nem is élt igazán eddig.... tehát fel kell ébredni és merni vállalni, tenni érte, álmodni, megvalósítani!! :)
Szammy Móni
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* * De boat weez built be justs fine, Ands don'ts trys to tellz us itz not. De sides ands de back be divine, Itz de bottom me guess weez fergots.

♥♥♥ Beautiful White Cat with Blue Eyes.....✞ The Voice of Truth ✞

♥White Cat with Blue Eyes ~ unfortunately he/she is probably deaf. White cat with blue eyes are usually deaf. If only one eye is blue then the side the blue will be deaf.

Sacred Birman Cat ( blue point ), not a Ragdoll. Probably THE cutest cat I have ever seen

"Familienzuwachs" (German for "Addition to the family") ~ "We got a new kitty. His name is Yoki & he's 14 wks old. Such a cute cuddly little boy. We love him so much! He's a Sacred Birman cat (blue point), not a Ragdoll!" Eingestellt von (Posted by

ragdoll kitten

My rag doll kitten, her name is Aqua because of her gorgeous blue eyes.Yes,I am a cat person not that I don't like dogs but I always loved kittens and cats.

Adorbs! Its called a ragdoll they're hypoallergenic and don't shed

Want this cat! Its called a ragdoll they're hypoallergenic and don't shed--sorry to whoever wrote this- I own rag dolls & they DO shed! But they are extremely sweet & worth it!