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Make an iPhone projector out of an old shoe box and a magnifying glass.

Turn Your Phone Into a Projector. Get an old shoe box cut a hole put a magnifying glass in it put your phone however close or far you want to make the picture on the wall big or small And watch whatever movie you want ;

Puglie Pug : Photo

A little pug with big dreams

Pugs are fantastic. Pugs are amazing.


Need some alone time? Netflix and Pizza? It’s the weekend, treat yourself to some recharging ! (Or party hard with your box, whatever your…


Puglie Food & Things Whatchu doin’ in all that.

Puglie Pug — It’s the start of the week - make it YOUR week!...

Puglie Pug — It’s the start of the week - make it YOUR week!

Drawing all day, pooting all night~ What are your plans this weekend? :3

Puglie Food and Drinks!

Puglie Pug : Photo

Pug Puppies Get Belly Rub With Toothbrush - Puppy Love

Felt Squirrel · How To Make A Squirrel Plushie · Needlework on Cut ...

Make your own felt squirrel buddy! Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a squirrel plushie in 11 steps using embroidery thread, embroidery thread, and stuffing. in the Needlework section Difficulty: Simple.