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Szarvady Magdolna

Szarvady Magdolna
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Maple October Glory

October Glory Red Maple Trees -I love the color it brings in the fall

this is just exquiisite

Perfect orange Autumn tree reflection, onto pond.

im_aron_of_whitefairys_world_aka_jackie-20120903121456.jpg (400×481)

maltese are the cutest ever!

Maltese grooming and tools on amazon | CÃES E GATOS | Pinterest ...

She is darling 💕


Man lying next to his trust dog.


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Amazing, Ladybug in raindrop

Rainbow bubble tree reflection

Tree Foregrounded in a Soap Bubble Trees reflected in a soap bubble. I'm amazed at how the tree at the top seems so foregrounded. I love the sharpness of the tree here and how you can actually see shadows on the trunk and branches.

..Maltese do this all the time, they hop & jump around..

This is what my Ellie looks like when she is doing her 'dancing doggie' routine. It's guaranteed to make marshmallow out of your heart .

I want!

Cuddly Fluffy Maltese Puppies - Lovely Little White Fluffy Puppy